We have observed a shift over the last several years with consumers now buying online more than ever before. From grocery shopping and hair products to even motor cars, it all seems to be on offer in online stores both locally and internationally. The need to touch and feel before you buy seems to be a diminishing necessity and with the security of financial transactions going through escrow services buying online is booming. With the increase and widespread uptake of technologies, online purchases, banking and general business is now being made more often using smart phones and tablet devices and leaving in its wake Desktop PC’s, Fax Machines and even the general postage system, now commonly referred to as snail mail.

Australia Post has responded with its acquisition of Star Track as they see the future being home deliveries. As well as this they have set up delivery points at many shopping centres where they have installed secure lockers.

Parcel Bin

Mailmaster has responded with its commitment to continue in its development towards a perfect home delivery Parcel Bin, which is no easy feat. It requires a balance of aesthetics and practicality to be incorporated in the unit along with realistic expectations from the consumer. It calls for a mailbox/parcel bin that looks good and adds value to your property and meets your delivery expectations. Most likely it will be designed to receive at the least a shoe box if not a carton of wine and offer the required level of security to protect you asset and all the while allow for an easy deposit to be made to it by the delivery company.

We have seen many parcel delivery boxes come and go with the ideal solution still not on hand, however Mailmaster has just supplied over 120 Stainless Steel Mailbox/Parcel Bins (September 2016) as an “in pier” installation into a major residential development at Kawana Waters in Queensland. We believe that this is the first large volume supply of a domestic mailbox / parcel bin of this type to be undertaken in a residential development in Australia and that this is a sign of things to come.