YES, there is a standard for mailboxes and in specific AS NZS 4253-1994 Mailboxes, you can read an extract of it here Mailmaster Commercial Forms  and YES, there is an Australian Post specification for mailboxes and you can also read this specification by clicking this link; APPENDIX 2 – STREET MAIL SERVICE . Now do these two documents agree with each other? For those who would read these documents side by side, you would have to say no.

Anyone who reads through this will soon see the discrepancy in The Australia Post details. While the AS NZS standard allows for the mailbox to be configured in either a Portrait or Landscape orientation Australia Post omits this variation.

The AS NZS states, “The minimum dimensions of this internal space shall be 160 mm × 330 mm × 230 mm” and henceforth allows for it to be orientated as required while Australia Post states that the mailbox must have an internal depth (front to back) of 330mm. Clearly an interpretation error or lack of understanding on behalf of Australia Post.

Now is this being pedantic? NO. As manufacturers it causes us significant grief and time. We need to explain this misinterpretation to customers who read the Australia Post specification, fortunately many see the illogical context of the Austalia Post specification relating to this matter. Have we tried alerting Australia Post of this? Well to that I can say yes, on numerous occasions.

Now what is Australia Post’s policy in regard to this document? Obviously, along with the AS NZS it is provided as a guideline. Walk into any hardware store or drive down any street and you will see firsthand evidence that a mailbox does not need to be sized to take A4 size mail and in reality, when they are how often would you see mail folded in half with a red elastic band around it hanging out the mailbox. Makes you wonder. In our experience we have noted that Australia Post may deny a delivery service if the postie deems it impractical to deliver mail to the letterbox. In that case they may leave a note in the mailbox to collect your mail from the post office.

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