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Time is Precious so to the Nuts and Bolts

      1. Click here to read ASNZS 4253-1994 and see what they say about mailboxes.
      2. And  what Australia Post say about; Commercial  Industrial  Retail and Residential , and to read about what Australia Post got wrong click here.
      3. Lets look at size tables and styles to see what would need to allow for.
      4. Whats the real deal on the requirements for a mailbox? Read more below.
      5. Quickly email us without going through all the steps and checks.

Go to Bunnings and you will soon see that more than 70% of their mailboxes do not comply to Australia Post requirements or to Australian Standards, and does it matter? Not really, that is unless you continualy get mail which is too large for your mailbox and the postie gets frustrated, in that case you will probably find a note to pick up your mail from the Post Office. And then when you head off to the post office and pick up that oversized mail you will generally find it folded in half with one of those big red elastic bands around it keeping it folded in half anyway.

Australia Post can be quick to deny delivery, not just for that reason but moreso for their WH&S (Workplace Health and Safety) compliance. If you have a mailbox cluster that is longer than 10 units you should consider running the numbering up and down. We have experienced in more than one instance a denial of service by Australia Post delivery centres because of the “high risk” involved in the postie walking back and forwards.