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Premium – Stainless Steel Solutions

Mailmaster were the first to offer Australian standard production letterbox clusters in Stainless Steel.

Typically, our stainless steel mailbox banks use 2mm 316 stainless steel in a specially sourced # 5 finish. This finish has been specifically chosen as it creates a smoother surface than the number 4 finish, a style that is often chosen by other mailbox manufacturers. This means a finer, less gritty feel an a cleaner look. We can and have also produced these in a #8 mirror finish and while it looks sensational please keep your cleaners on standby. The numbering and signage solutions offered on these is truly indelibel with all the text, numerals and graphics being laser through cut and then backed with a contasting colour.

Our high-grade stainless steel cluster mailboxes can be found in many prestigious projects, including apartment buildings, office blocks and other large-scale buildings throughout Australia.

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