More and more often you will read in newspapers and view on current affair programs stories of mail theft and with particular focus being on identity theft. While mailboxes are not built like safes we can offer a higher security lock with our mailboxes. This is a C4 lock and uses the same style of key and lock as you would find in your common home front door. A master locksmith can even “key alike” your mailbox key to your front door key. The downside of installing a higher security lock is that generally perpetrators when they find they can’t pick the lock or open it with a master key they will force entry and cause significant damage to the mailbox.

Mail theft, Identity Theft

The best deterent against mailbox theft or vandalism is CCTV monitoring and these days this need not be expensive with many cameras now offering WIFI or 4G connections and even solar power in the event that you are unable to get power to the camera.