Locks & Warranties

We warranty all our locks against manufacturing defect and that they work and operate as per their intended use. This warranty is in-line with our lock suppliers warranty and is for a 12 months period only. Our warranty is based on exchanging locks only and we may require the old lock to be returned back to us to assess the cause of failure  We do not warranty locks against;

*  Persons using the incorrect key to try and open the lock
*  Persons using keys which look like they have been used as crow bars
*  Mailboxes jammed overfull of mail/junk mail and impeding the lock cam
   *  Broken off twigs or matchsticks in locks
   *  Chewing gum in locks
*  Mortar or concrete dust gumming up key tumblers
*  Person trying to open the incorrect mailbox box with key

A service call for locks will not be booked without payment being made of our minimum service fee. If the lock is found to be failing due to manufacturing fault this fee will be refunded.

Please Note:

We regret that it has become necessary to implement this service call fee. In many instances when we have visited the site for an alleged warranty claim we have found in an overwhelming amount instances it is not the fault of the company but rather one of the above mentioned reasons. In these instances we are unable to claim back the service fee cost from our lock supplier and henceforth we will seek to recover this cost from the owner, tenant or manager of the building concerned.

The terms for us to provide a service call for locks is as follows;

Account holders with Mailmaster Letterboxes  Please acknowledge the above conditions and accept that you will be invoiced a minimum of $120.00 plus GST if the problem is not deemed to be the fault of the company.

Non account holders Prepayment of $132.00 is required prior to a site visit and this will be fully refunded should it be found that the company is at fault.

The Management
Mailmaster Letterboxes